When it comes to working from home, it is easy to understand why an employee would prefer it. They save transportation expenses while maintaining a balance between their work and home life.

Most of the remote workers who used to work at conventional offices shared that they would never go back. A home-based job offers you unbelievable flexibility that you can’t get in an office setting. You can raise your kids, take care of your parents, and work from the same location. Statistics reveal that people who work from home save about four thousand dollars in a year.

However, what’s the benefit for companies? Why should they follow the trend? Honestly, it is ideal for both employee and company. An employee working from home offers you a range of benefits.

 Let’s look at a few reasons why companies should hire remote workers.

Reduce Real Estate Expenditures

When a company is expanding, you may need to get a bigger office to have office space for more employees. You need to spend time and money to get a bigger office and maintain it.

Remote workers allow you to save your time and money. You can ask a few of your senior employees to work from home. Add new employees and train them. It will save you a lot of money and time.

Increase Work Efficiency

The first and most important concern of any employer is regarding work efficiency. Most of the employers ask if employees would be able to maintain productivity while working at home. Statistics reveal that remote workers not only remain efficient but offer better productivity than before.

Remote workers usually produce better results as they work at their convenience. They are usually more focused on the task providing better outcomes. In a conventional office, many distractions reduce productivity. People spend a lot of time on their phones to call their family, talk with other employees, etc. These distractions can be eliminated by allowing them to work from home.

If that’s not enough to convince you to allow your employees to work at home, here is a survey report for you. The survey revealed that employee productivity increased by up to 47 percent when they started working at home.

Better Employee Retention

Statistics reveal that companies have a higher employee retention rate when they allow remote working. Businesses who took part in the survey reported a 10 percent increase in employee retention after introducing remote working.

For employees working in traditional offices, most of them would be willing to quit their current job in exchange for remote working opportunities. They want to get flexible hours to maintain their lifestyles. If this is not reducing productivity, there is no downside to offering them a flexible schedule.

Become a Green Company

Do you want to contribute to the planet? Do you want to offer a better environment to future generations? Start hiring remote workers as soon as possible.

Environmentalists are highlighting the benefits of working from home to our planet. To reduce greenhouse gasses, you can allow your employees to work from home. It will decrease emissions drastically.

Moreover, you are reducing fossil fuel consumption by allowing your employees to work and live in the same place. They don’t need to burn unnecessary fuel to move to work location and then get back home.

Decrease Sickness

In the past, it was difficult to imagine the health benefits of working from home. However, the recent Coronavirus Pandemic has magnified the necessity of remote workers. Due to the pandemic, most of the bigger companies including Google and Apple allowed their employees to work from home.

When people are working at home, they are less likely to spread germs and make healthy people sick. Any company that is concerned about the well-being of its employees could allow some of its staff to work from home to reduce the likelihood of infection.

Due to the pandemic, most companies adopted modern ways of hiring and remote working. Now is the best time to offer your employees work from home option. You are not only protecting your employees but also saving your family. You may get sick from someone else and bring the germs back to your house.

Save Other Supplemental Costs

There is a wide range of products you don’t need if you have fewer employees. From desk phones to computers, you don’t need tech machines for your employees. You will not only save on these machines but it will save a lot of space. You can use the space for other purposes including meetings. Otherwise, you can rent it out and make some money out of it.

Moreover, you need fewer utilities, office supplies, and housekeeping. If you calculate only the cost of coffee, you will realize the amount of money you will save through this act. You will save various allowances you pay to your employees.


Employers are finally adopting advanced technology and allowing their employees to work from home. The coronavirus pandemic has sped up the transition. More companies are finding ways to allow their workers to work from home.

Remote working has a wide range of benefits for both the employer and employee. If companies allow working from home, they will make more profits while employees have a chance of saving costs.

Understandably, many concerns of employees are valid about remote working. There are some negative factors associated with remote workers. However, communication is the key to maintain productivity.

While making the transition, you need to establish a reliable source of communication. There must be more than one way to communicate with each other. When working from home, communication is the key to success.