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Track time

Track time with an easy Slack command:

/hyperlogs log [options]

For example to log 20 minutes with a description of “Update project plan“, you would type:

/hyperlogs log 20  Update project plan

The duration is optional and if you don’t include it, the default is 30 minutes. You will be prompted to choose the project and task after you issue the command.

To start and stop a timer:

/hyperlogs start
/hyperlogs stop

If you want to get information on a running timer:

/hyperlogs timer

If you ever need help, then type the following command:

/hyperlogs help

Track time collaboratively

Keeping track of time has never been this easy and seamless with our Slack integration. You can now log time directly from Slack, keeping you focused on the things that matter most such as team communication.

Track Time

One simple command to rule all time tracking.


See work getting done in real-time right from Slack.


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