Time is money. Stop wasting it.

Its time to put those spreadsheets down and track time like a pro.

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Time is money. Stop wasting it.

Built to boost your productivity.

Research shows that businesses lose a staggering average of 15% to 30% revenue in unlogged time-entries. Stop wasting time and money today.

Time & Expenses

Stop micromanaging your teams and start focusing on running and growing your business.


Invoicing your clients for tracked time and expenses is no longer a tedious chore. You’ll finally enjoy this mundane task.

Reporting & Analytics

Powerful and invaluable data insights that guides sound business decision making.

Project Teams & Tasks

Powerful features to help you better manage your projects, teams and tasks.

Smart Notifications

Hypelogs notifications ensure your business is running like a well oiled machine.


Harvest & Toggl import and many other features such as QuickBooks and Asana integrations coming soon.


Customize your account settings and tasks based on how you run your business.


Hyperlogs is designed to be accessible via with any device, desktop, mobile or tablet.

Unlimited Features

Hyperlogs features are all enabled for everyone, whether you are on the free or business subscription plan.


Hyperlogs support representatives are standing by to help you setup and run your business like a pro.

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