Are you running an agency and always running out of time? Do you find it difficult to manage employee’s activities and prioritize tasks? Hyperlogs is an extensive time tracker that helps you in managing your projects easily. 

Multitasking has become the norm in the modern world. Most employees are performing multiple roles in an agency. Every project has a strict deadline and you have to meet them in order to maintain your reputation.

Most agencies work on various projects and it becomes difficult to keep track of each project and supervise all employees as well. Thankfully, there are various solutions to reduce your workload and automate assignments.

Hyperlogs provides you with an effective solution. With Hyperlogs time tracker, you can track the activity of each employee and prioritize tasks accordingly.

How will Hyperlogs help you save time? How will it assist you in meeting your deadlines? Let’s find out.

What is Hyperlogs and How Does It Help Agencies?

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Hyperlogs is a time tracker solution. With effective time tracking, agencies have complete control over their projects. A detailed tracking system allows you to track an employee’s activity and progress towards a project. When you have a progress meter, you can prioritize future tasks perfectly.

Being an agency, you should always meet your goals. Furthermore, you need to find ways you can save time while not compromising quality. A quality time tracker solution enhances productivity and saves the time you spend on project management.

How Does Hyperlogs Help in Prioritizing Tasks?

Whether you are working in an agency or running your agency, you can benefit from the Hyperlogs time tracker solution. As an employee, it allows you to focus on tasks that pay you more in respect to the time spent on them. You can start focusing on the tasks that are most profitable for you.

As an agency owner, you can analyze how much time employees are spending on every task. Moreover, you can find out which tasks are generating more profit while consuming less time. With continuous tracking, you can focus on projects that are offering you more profit.

If you realize that you are running out of time on a project deadline, you can track if your employees are spending enough time on it. It will help you guide them or hire new staff to help with the work.

You can track how much time employees are spending on each task. If you find out that they are spending more time on one task while leaving others behind, you can call a meeting. Guide them to prioritize other tasks to ensure you meet deadlines. Moreover, you can compare the performance of your employees and assign tasks accordingly.

When you are not using a time tracker, you can’t track which projects are more profitable than others. Hence, you can’t prioritize tasks effectively. Once you start using the Hyperlogs time tracker application, you will be able to prioritize tasks better than ever.

How Does Hyperlogs Help Agencies in Saving Time?

Time Management Tips That Make You More Efficient

An agency owner spends most of their time managing and tracking the progress of each project. You have to micromanage everything to ensure maximum profit. Moreover, you have to keep an eye on your employees to ensure maximum productivity.

With a quality time tracker like Hyperlogs, you can save most of the time you spent on supervision. You only need a few minutes to open the owner’s panel in Hyperlogs and monitor the progress. It allows you to check every detail about a project in one page.

You can also revise your time spent on each project. Sometimes an owner spends a lot of time micromanaging. Instead, you can assign a few tasks to your employees and reduce your burden. The only way to find out is to track your time as well.

Apart from your time, you can also save time for your employees. Time tracking helps employees in avoiding bad habits. Many times employees lose focus as they know that you are not watching their activity. However, if a time tracker is running, they will stay focused.

Every individual has unique abilities and each performs certain tasks better than others. If you can track who is doing a task perfectly while spending less time, you can save time.

For instance, if you notice that employee A is doing task 1 in 15 minutes while employee B is doing the same task in 25 minutes, you can assign similar tasks to employee A as their progress is better than the other employee. It will not only help you save time but also save you a large amount of money. Moreover, it will satisfy the employee as they are comfortable with these tasks. 


Hyperlogs time tracker is a perfect solution for agencies to save time and prioritize tasks. Most small agencies rely on returning clients. It is important to finish each project within time without compromising the quality to satisfy your clients. This is the only way to get more projects from them.

Hyperlogs help you track your agency’s activities and produce accurate results. Tracking is the best way forward to save time. Moreover, tracking keeps you updated on how much time you have on each project. It allows you to prioritize tasks accordingly.