Last night, after only 5 days from our official beta launch we deployed an update that includes several fixes for issues reported by are many wonderful beta folks! Below is what you can expect in this drop.

Release notes – Beta 1.1 – 02/05/2018:

  • FEATURE: Added ability to create new project / task right from within the time entry modal screen. Users no longer have to leave this screen to create a project or task.
  • BUG: Export reports wasn’t working in Firefox browser.
  • BUG: Contact is no longer required in create client form.
  • BUG: Dropdowns for state and country in client creation form now have a search feature.
  • BUG: Some links to the Hyperlogs website were linking to ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ and users were receiving certificate errors.
  • FEATURE: Report screens are now mobile-friendly.
  • BUG: Users could add negative values in time-entry.
  • Various clean-up tasks and minor improvements.

We would like to thanks all the wonderful Hyperlogs users for their feedback and support.


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