Earlier today we deployed an update that includes several fixes for issues reported by our many wonderful beta folks! This drop includes some features and enhancements and the list below is what you can expect to find.

Release notes – Beta 1.2 – 02/11/2018:

  • BUG: Time Entry modal bug when and team member is archived by an account owner. Tasks dropdown wasn’t loading properly.
  • BUG: Refresh account list after creating a new account.
  • BUG: Creating a duplicate task fails with no error.
  • BUG: Updating person’s rate in project settings does not recalculate project stats.
  • BUG: A contributor can access client edit screen from project list page and click on customer name header. Should not be able to.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Dropdown for client & project selection should include an option to “Create New”.
  • ENHANCEMENT: In Time-Entry modal window, trigger save/edit on Enter key-press.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Add avatar with user’s initials, random color, if no image found.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Improve the team member invitation process to include the ability to select projects to invite users to.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Sort the team page. owners fist, then account managers then contributors.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Sort clients by name by default in client & project lists (deeper sorting and filtering coming soon).
  • ENHANCEMENT: Simplify client creating screen by showing only “Client Name”, with option to expand for to enter additional information.
  • FEATURE: Create sample data upon sign-up in order to improve the user experience during the on-boarding process.
  • Various clean-up tasks and minor improvements.

We would like to thanks all the wonderful Hyperlogs users for their feedback and support.

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