Last Sunday we deployed an update that supercharges Hyperlogs. You have no excuse now not to dump whatever process or software you are currently using to track and manage your timesheets! This drop includes some really exciting features and updates.

Release notes – Beta 1.4 – 03/18/2018:

  • ???? NEW: At-a-glance Stats on your dashboards.
  • ???? NEW: Invoices. You can now create and send invoices to your clients right from Hyperlogs!
  • ???? NEW: Multi currency. Now you can select your home currency from Account Settings!
  • ???? NEW: Added the timer component to the Google Chrome and Firefox Browser Extensions.
  • ???? NEW: Added “Rounded Hours” to account settings. Now in your reports you can automatically round hours to the nearest 6, 15 or 30 minutes.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Improved client/project search in time entry modal windows.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Invite multiple team members to projects in one single shot.
  • BUG: Account Manager could not access billing page.
  • Several more minor bug fixes and improvements that are too boring to even list here ????

We are already working on next’s week release so stay tuned for the next update!

As always, thanks all the wonderful Hyperlogs users ???? for their feedback and support.

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