With access to smart devices and the internet, it is really easy to get distracted during your workday. Most freelancers and entrepreneurs also face time management issues. Many people wonder how to manage their time to become more efficient.

If you have come to the realization that you are wasting your time, you have solved half the problem. Now, you just need to find some ideas and implement them. In this article, we will discuss a few time management tips that will help make you more efficient and productive.

Set Your Target

If you are reading this article, you definitely want to know the time management ideas that make you more efficient. However, do you have a goal in mind? Do you set targets to finish a task? If you do that, perfect. If you don’t, it is the time to start settings your goals. It helps you to cut down on distractions and stay focused on the job.

Use a Time Tracker

Hyperlogs time tracker

Anyone who can’t focus on their work or spend a lot of time in performing their routine tasks should get a time tracker. Hyperlogs time tracker is an elegant solution that keeps you away from distractions. If you have spent your time on other tasks, you will realize at the end of the day when you review your time spending.

Hyperlogs offers an enhanced tracking system and detailed results. As an owner, you can view the time spent on each task and how active you remain during work.

Analyze Time Tracker Results

Using the Hyperlogs time tracker is the beginning of increasing your productivity. The next and most important step is to analyze the results. You should spend some time with the Hyperlogs detailed time tracking data to improve your time management.

With frequent checks on the results, you will realize how much time you waste on other activities. It feels like a few minutes to play a game in between work. However, it turns out that people spend more than an hour playing games during an 8-hour job.

Start With the Most Important Tasks

Handle the most important or most difficult task in the morning. It will give you a sense of achievement and motivate you to keep going. In the morning, you have the highest energy levels. Try to gain momentum and it will help get you through the day.

Know Your Strengths

Have you heard about the 80-20 rule? It is usually known as the Pareto Principle. According to this rule, 80 percent of your result comes from only 20 percent of your effort. Vilfredo Pareto noticed that eighty percent of Italy’s land is owned by twenty percent of Italy’s people. That’s how he came up with the rule.

However, the rule is true. You need to find out which effort is giving you the most outcomes. Once you find it, you can focus on this and spend more time on it. Ultimately, you will produce better results.

Improve Your Skills

Do you think that you spend more time doing a task than others? It is a positive approach to find your flaws and fix them. To fix this problem, you need to improve your skills. One should always be open to learning new skills and improving their current skillset.

Cut Bad Habits

Time Management Tips That Make You More Efficient

Let’s accept that we all have some habits that stop us from working for longer durations. From using social media and playing games to going out for a drink, distractions are everywhere. These reduce your productivity in the long run. You might think it is a one-time thing, but these are the biggest time-wasting habits. To achieve your goals, you have to eliminate these habits and use your time wisely.

Plan Short Breaks

A study revealed that you should take a break of seventeen minutes after working for fifty-two minutes. Maybe you don’t have the opportunity to take breaks frequently. Still, you should find a way to take short breaks during the day. It is crucial as it helps to keep your physical and mental state at the best level.


Exercise releases a healthy hormone that keeps you focused. Moreover, it keeps you fit and healthy. A focused and healthy person can outperform people who don’t exercise regularly.

Exercise has unlimited benefits. Many studies have revealed that exercise release chemicals that keep you motivated and happy.

Create a To-Do List

A to-do list is very important, regardless if you are an employee or a self-employed worker. Make sure that you create a to-do list every evening before you finish your day. It gives you an idea regarding the tasks you will perform tomorrow. Moreover, you can plan your upcoming day perfectly.

Listen to Motivational Speakers

A well-motivated person can do wonders as compared to a person who has no motivation. You should keep a list of motivational speakers. Listen to them when you feel down or find a lack of motivation. Find a source of inspiration that gets the fire back immediately.

Feeling exhausted or lackluster is completely normal. It happens with almost every human being. However, you need to get back on track through listening to and watching the right content.

Stop Social Media Notifications

Social media websites kill more time than any other source. Many studies revealed that turning to a social media website to check one notification consumes more than twenty minutes. Most of the time people start scrolling down resulting in time wastage.

It is a great idea to turn off social media notifications. You can use social media to stay updated once you finish your daily tasks.