A productive team can do miracles while a nonproductive team can kill your dreams. Soon, you will find out how to boost your team performance in 2020. Most of the time, it is not the fault of a team to fail to reach a goal, but the manager. A manager should be capable of handling their team and getting the most out of them.

You don’t need to squeeze each member of your team to increase productivity. Instead, you can take some quality measures through which you can improve the quality of work and speed up the entire process.

In this article, we will share a few tips that play a vital role in boosting team performance.

Create achievable Goals and Track Performance

First of all, you must know about your destination and share it with your team. If you don’t work towards a goal, you could land anywhere!

Set common goals and communicate with your team. Make sure that you create achievable goals and set performance indicators. With performance indicators, you can track the performance of your team. Don’t hesitate to call quick meetings to review performance and adjust strategies.

Find Out Strengths and Limitations of Your Team

Every individual has some strengths and limitations. While striving towards a common goal, you need to make sure that you know about your team’s weaknesses and strengths.

Some members can handle task A easily while others can handle task B easily. You need to assign tasks according to the team member’s skills. Doing this will help them finish the job accurately within the given time. This is a great way to increase the productivity of your team.

Provide Clear Instructions

One of the most common issues is that managers fail to share instructions properly. Understandably, your team can’t work to their maximum potential if they have to ask questions all the time. Moreover, miscommunication can ruin the entire team’s performance.

When you call a meeting to provide instructions, make sure that your team takes notes. After finishing the instructions, you must allow them to share their concerns.

Motivation is the Key to Success

Motivation is the key to success in every field. You should always be willing to motivate your team to get the best performance. Keep in mind that motivating your team is an on-going process. You should take measures to motivate them as often as possible.

Let’s find out how to motivate your team:

  • First and most importantly, pay them adequately for their skills
  • Allow them to learn more skills
  • Do not give punishments for failures
  • Always reward them for positive work
  • Most importantly, offer them a peaceful workplace.

Use Latest Technology

After motivation, the next thing that can make a huge difference between you and your competition is the use of technology. Adopting the latest technology is needed in the modern world and you can’t reach your destination without it.

To boost your performance, you should invest in management and communication tools. Provide your team with advanced tools to make their work easier. Reduce their workload by cutting manual file sharing. When employees are happy, they produce better results.

Cut Time Wasting Rituals

When you have a common goal and every team member is helping to reach the destination, every minute each employee works counts. You need to take some essential steps to reduce unhealthy habits.

For instance, calling lengthy meetings with no purpose, requiring unnecessary procedures, unproductive chats, and non-work related browsing are a few common time-wasting habits. Communicate with your team and tell them there is no need to check inbox every five minutes.

Know Your Team Requirements

To ensure that your team is working at their maximum potential, you need to know their requirements. You need to discover their needs and provide them with the latest equipment.

Maybe some of your team members need training to enhance their performance while others need tools to increase their productivity. You need to look for these factors and take the necessary steps as soon as possible.

When you take care of your employees, they take care of your business. Simple!

Be a Leader

A leader always leads from the front. When you lead from the front, employees are motivated to follow your steps and achieve the goal. Bosses who talk all the time while doing nothing are team productivity killers. You shouldn’t be one of them.

A team doesn’t take you seriously unless you follow the standards before imposing them. If you want your staff to be at the office at 9 am, you must be there at 8:50 am. It will set an example for them and they will follow you.

Take and Share Feedback As Often As Possible

Feedback is very important when you are working towards the same goal. If a team member is performing a task and you don’t share your feedback, they would never know about their performance. You must give them feedback at frequent intervals.

Apart from providing feedback, you should allow them to share their concerns as well. They may want to share some issues about the project, which could save a lot of time at a later stage. Allow them to speak to you and provide them with feedback after finishing a task.


Keep in mind that your team is your biggest asset. You need to learn how to increase their productivity to reach your goals. Setting a goal is just the first step to achieve it. You need to understand your team requirements and motivate them as much as necessary.

You need to set examples by leading from the front. You should be willing to take on difficult tasks to make an easy path for your team. Moreover, you must understand their skill level and set their goals accordingly.

If you follow the above-provided tips, you are well on your way to increasing the productivity of your team.